Why does Disney Channel give girls boy names all of a sudden? I mean, come on, Alex, Charlie, Teddy, Sonny...are they trying to start a trend or something? Because it's not working, amirite?

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wats teddy short for anyways? i know for charlie its Charlotte
is it like Theodora? wait who would name their kid theodora?? o.o

But they are all nicknames, so Alex is Alexandra, Charlie is Charlotte, Teddy is Theodora (so you can guess why it was shortened), Sonny is Alison. It just turns out that shortening a name is associated with boys names.

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So Alex is a boys' name? I should have a talk with my friends.

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WHY IS THEODORA SUCH A BAD NAME! Everyone tells me it's pretty! Douchebags

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who's Alex?

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Yeah, on good luck charlie there's teddy and charlie. gosh.

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theresa duh

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I didn't say it made sense I just said that's what it's short for. How is Ned short for Edward? I have no clue but it is.

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