Imagine a mirror that reflected your personality. So many people would be ugly as fuck, amirite?

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Yeah, even the nicest person would have something a little obnoxious. Maybe a crooked nose? :P

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Uhh well this is awkward I was just referring to the post you know like you can't just have a spec wrong with you youre just ugly but I didn't mean it in a harassing way it's fucked up that somebody was calling you ugly on here in but I wasn't I was just talking bout the post

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It's a quote from a song silly. He was singing along with a song. It's a nostalgic bit, you know, like when you go to a party and about 7 in the morning someone puts on the shitty Top 40 tracks you used to love as a teenager? It's Daphne & Celeste, from back in 2000 (before Bush got in 'n' all).

What if we didn't even have mirrors and no one knew what they looked like??

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That'd put in end to those pictures people take of themselves in the mirror.

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The sexy assholes in my classes would cease to be sexy. I would greatly approve of this.

But yeah this post is interesting. I want to cite a line from Scrubs: "People are bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling." But I don't know if I'd go with the whole ugly personality thing - it's more that we're all retarded, know what I mean? If you could see the little flaws in everyone you'd generally use them to make everyone feel better. No? I think most people would. So we're all flawed, but people are generally nice, would be nice to each other if they weren't just stupid, by which I just mean blind to the details, know what I mean?

@MoreAnonymous But yeah this post is interesting. I want to cite a line from Scrubs: "People are bastard-coated bastards with...

If everyones flaws were exposed wouldn't it just become normal then, like hey that kids hair is brown and he blah (flaw) blah?

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I would love a mirror like that (a hand mirror would be good enough, small and portable and that way I can see other peoples personalities too)

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Uh by which I mean, yeah: people are terrible. Oh God Terrible! But I think people just don't say sorry so much because they're at least aware of how insulting a false apology is, and because you'd have to say too many anyway.

Well It'd make you're love life a hell of a lot easier, the they-only-like-me-for-my-looks theory would dissapear. Oh wait you'd have to see them in the mirror... never mind.

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Well, this post is more or less directed to the people who are, in society's eyes, "attractive", but bully others. They have an ugly personality, and only those who genuinely care for others would be beautiful in this mirror. Of course, even in normal mirrors, nobody's looks are perfect- just like nobody's personality is perfect, either.

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