You have heard of meat pies but you've never had one. amirite?

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Wait...some people have to live without steak pies?! D: I've always just assumed they were a universal food.

Who the fuck has never had a meat pie

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@LittleRed Me, and about 170 other people.

That was rhetorical I was merely pointing out the fact that meat pies aren't uncommon things and its fucked that people have never had one so stfu there was no need for ur bitch ass comment

Sweeny todd...

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Ah, how I love being British, Romanian, Russian, Chaldean and Lebanese. All these culture have something in common: Meat pies!

I have them literally all the time. I always have mince pies, and steak and cheese pies. Yum!

I've never had anything other than meat pies. I can't imagine it.

Do they even have meat pies in the US? I mean we probably do but I feel like I've never even seen one. Stupid American D:

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Meat pies are more common than any other kind of pies in South Africa, I find it a bit weird when they talk about blueberry pies and the like in American TV shows. I had two steak pies for lunch today.

i have meat pies for dinner ateleast once a week

I prefer meat pies. Except apple pies, providing they aren't home made.

I recall asking for an apple pie during American Pie. Right after 'that scene' ended. My family were amazed at my lack of reaction.

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I just ate and now I'm feeling hungry again talking of meat pies

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I always thought meat pies were just an Australian food...

@kirrillee I always thought meat pies were just an Australian food...

Coming from the anal fish swimming in cucumber's anus professor :P

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After seeing Sweeney Todd... probably couldn't eat one if I wanted to.

@choochypuss what's this about?

In Sweeney Todd, a barber murders a few people, then a lady who owns a pie shop grinds up the dead bodies and bakes them into her meat pies.

I've never had something called a "meat pie" but is it like a pasty?

I had one once. It was horrible. I don't know if we just went to the wrong place for them, or if they're all bad, but I don't think I'm ever buying one again.

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