They should make pants that you can pee in so lazy people don't have to move while watching TV, amirite?

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That might cause health problems... like death.

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@That might cause health problems... like death.

That would mean that little kids would die all the time.

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Technically, you can pee in all your pants.

That's disgusting...

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It's called empty Mountain Dew bottle.

Depend will probably make the first ones...

I saw this commercial a couple weeks ago. I know it's not what you were talking about, but it just seems appropriate. I mean, come on, it has convenient zippers!

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maybe some sort of plastic tube that can be attached on your penis out to a container, like a mountain dew bottle. It's not disgusting because it's recycling

You know you can pee in any plant right?


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No, they shouldn't. but thats pretty funny :D

That would be "convenient", but that's just gross, haha. And they already have that, lol, it's called a diaper.

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