You wish there existed a cosmic force called "red light karma." Ex: if you wait at two red lights in a row, the next two lights will be green, amirite?

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I think it's called gambler's fallacy. If I'm playing roulette and the last 5 numbers were black, the odds are still the same for the next number to be black, red, or green.

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@OhEmGee_Muffin That made me think about test taking. "Well, I haven't chosen A for awhile..."

I still do that from time to time. But with a test it might be a little different because the teacher most likely was the one to arrange the answers, right? That would make guessing an answer to be just trying to outsmart the teacher.

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Did anyone else get a bit excited cause it was favvkes then saw this was old?

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There is. It's called the Central Limit Theorem.


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