They should put solar panels on phones. They are already on $2 calculators, so it can't be that expensive. I know it wouldn't be enough to power the phone, but it would be nice to have an extended battery life, amirite?

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This has definitely been considered multiple times, and Samsung almost released a smartphone with a solar panel a few years ago. However, the major issues that made it pointless:

1) As you pointed out, even covering an entire face of the phone would barely have any effect on battery life compared to simply designing more efficient processors, screens and software.

2) The solar panel would either need to go on the front, making the phone bigger but screen smaller, or on the back where it would not get any sunlight.

3) Phones are usually either in your hand with the screen facing up (so no sun for panel on back), or in your pocket (no sun at all), or sitting on a table / desk where you can just plug it into a computer or wall.

4) It would make your phone a lot thicker.

5) It would weaken the phone structure (dropping or hitting it).

6) The added space / volume needed for the solar panel would be put to better use by sticking in a larger battery, which negates the need for the solar panel in the first place.

I think what would make more sense is for flexible (and not ugly) solar panels to be integrated into clothing with the pockets containing inductive chargers for phones.

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@AXiDE This has definitely been considered multiple times, and Samsung almost released a smartphone with a solar panel a...

You made some good points, but one solution would be to have a part of the phone that flips up from the back of it... so when you're outside and on your phone you could flip up the back so that it faces the sun.

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@8jtt9 Wow you have clearly given this way too much thought.

i don't think so, it's more like he's just brought up a few good points and explained them well, rather then wasting time thinking of multiple choices

They have backpacks with solar panels that you can plug your phone into so it charges as gets energy as long as you just leave it outside. They're pretty damn ugly though if I remember correctly....

There is one. Kabambe by safaricom

For a second, I thought I read "Solar penises". But besides that, I agree :)

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This site brings out the creative sides in people, amirite?

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