It's fun trying to think of a sentence or phrase no one has ever said before in the history of the world. amirite?

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"Don't eat that bagel; its my girlfriend."

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If you're gonna make an anonymous comment, don't try to reclaim it after you find out it's well liked.

I love my mother-in-law

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@I love my mother-in-law

I actually do love my mother-in-law.

And my ex mother-in-law, who ended up adopting me after I was no longer with her son.

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@Does that make your ex-husband, your current brother? Kinky.

Only my brother after we were no longer together.

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I was sixteen. We had been together for about a year and we thought we knew everything... Eight months later, we realized we were idiots. We're still pretty good friends though.and sort of siblings.

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I was a foster child with them for a long time before any of that went down. It was just luck that I had happened upon the family. I was abused as a child and I had run away and I was homeless for about a year when I finally stopped just going. But this story is irrelevant to anything...

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It hasn't ended yet! I'm still alive. hehe smilie

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"i am fed up with this orgasm"

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@"i am fed up with this orgasm"

Oh! That was on an adult swim show, wasn't it? :D

"I hate amirite.net."

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Nostradamus had a lovely seahorse named Ben who worshipped Satan and wore his shoes in the dark while humming along to the entire Dark Side of the Moon album.

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"I read then Terms and Agreements"

I want a smaller dick.

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@I want a smaller dick.

I've said that. A really big dick can hurt.

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Waffle strumpet double-back check lighthouse, however fortune zucchini doorbell always duration simplified.

What? I'll bet no one's ever said it.

I wish the nonflammable squid would stop hiding in my baby rock collection!

sarah palin is smart.

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I want to piss on your tits!
Oh wait..

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"No thank you, Mila Kunis, I would not like to have sex with you."

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I could seriously do with some extra kilos.

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I'll do my homework before I get on the Internet.

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Twlght is a good book.

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I like Rebecca Black.

i no wantz cheeseburger

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I'm hungry.

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He's a good singer, but it's the songs he sings that sucks.

@southparkrocks please explain

In the episode "a date with jet screamer", jet is constantly saying 'baby baby baby oh!'

It bothers me more than it should... I just can't get over it.

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