The moment in science class when its time to dissect a frog, and your told to cut up from the anus is either an extremely funny moment or a terribly miserable addition to your day, amirite?

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Funny story about high school Biology:
In addition to frogs we also dissected snakes, which I assumed I wouldn't have to do because my lab partner was a muscular football player and he'd hogged the entire frog. However, it turned out he had a phobia of snakes and didn't even want to look at it. It was a very big snake and it didn't entirely fit in the tray, and he begged me to do something about its head because it was hanging over the side. I tried to pose the snake, but it seemed to have stiffened into some sort of preservative-induced rigor mortis. I managed to push its head to the side and fold it down into the tray, but as soon as I released it it came flying back out like a coiled spring, probably because that was more or less the shape it had stiffened into. The initial momentum carried it halfway out of the tray and gravity did the rest, causing it to fall into my lap. My lab partner flew backwards, at first in his chair and then on his hand and knees when the chair tipped over and he fell onto the floor. I, feeling rather numb, put the snake back into the tray and finished dissecting it, then later had a breakdown in the bathroom as I washed the snake juice off my pants.

Up the anus?
We cut open the stomach

Animal dissection is horrible, cruel and UNNECESSARY! Especially in high school.

@Hullabaloo If the animal had died of natural causes?

Convenient then that whole groups of frogs spontaneously die when dissection time nears :/ But I know what you mean.

@Dinosaurs They find frogs that are dead, and preserve them for when schools buy them.

Not at my school, we buy them live and kill them that morning with dry ice, sometimes the hearts are still even beating. It's awful.

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Shouldn't you be enjoying your holiday and not telling me about cutting up organs :)

it's, you're, and no comma after frog.

I remember that I had to dissect the frog but I don't remember actually dissecting it... I remember my partner was really girly and wouldn't do it.

/memory blockage

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@Dinosaurs: that is exactly what my teacher told us, because we asked why they were in vacuum sealed bags xD

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We never did dissections because apparently our class was so bad the teacher didn't trust us or the 'privilege' was taken away.. either way I'm glad I didn't didn't have to do it

I never got to dissect a frog. I did dissect a squid and fetal pig tough. When dissecting the pig I kept craving bacon and ribs.

We went straight to fetal pig.

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