You wonder if in the process to find the POTD, Anthony employs a bunch of little helpers that scour the depths of amirite to locate the perfect post, and when they find it if they get all excited and call their little helper friends saying, "Wilhelm! You won't believe it! I found a marvelous post about tits! And you know how Ant loves tits!" And when that post gets POTD they all celebrate and fireworks go off and shit. But more likely Ant just picks out the first post he sees at 11:59, amirite?

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You could not have chosen a better name than Wilhelm

Anonymous +76Reply

I always pictured it as several stoic-looking men in ornate robes sitting behind a highly polished panel and deciding the fate of each post as it is placed before them.

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +44Reply

I really hope Anthony reads this.

@DoctorWhat I really hope Anthony reads this.

He did. Or he had it read out loud to him, at least.

Anonymous 0Reply

Or maybe there's a button that says, "Suggest this for POTD"... :D

This legitimately made me laugh out loud, though.

caylaroses avatar caylarose Yeah You Are +6Reply

Well, NOW I wonder...

TheEleventhToes avatar TheEleventhToe Yeah You Are +5Reply

Considering some of the choices, I'd go with the second one.

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