No matter how old you are the idea of pokemon in real life would be pretty cool, kinda like the average pet with the Awesome-notch turned to full. But you just KNOW that someone would find ways to mess it up; there would be groups who say its against their basic rights for us to make them evolve, or that it's inhumane for us to keep then in those pokéballs, or the many moral issues about battling against eachother even though they're all pretty much invincible, amirite?

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PETP: people For the ethical treatment of pokemon

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How about the fact that its against their basic rights by forcing them to fight until one gets K.O.ed? Mike Vich got sent to jail for that :)

@Who is Mike Vich?

I meant mike vick. Michael vick?

@Who is Mike Vich?

Football player who made dogs fight eachother

@John_MacTavish Football player who made dogs fight eachother

I was busting his balls for misspelling his last name. I'm a big Vick fan.

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@DeezNuts He's not as good as he used to be.

He's certainly not playing as well he did last year, but he's a much more complete player than he ever was in Atlanta.

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Nagini! I choose you! Use Stupefy!

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Inhumane to keep them in pokeballs? You know they shrink when they go in right?

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But nurse joy would take care of everything in less than 7 seconds! At least they couldn't die. Except charmander he almost died like 4 times

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