When you fall asleep with the tv on, you generally expect it to be on when you wake up. And it's kind of offensive if somebody's turned it off. It's like their way of saying “ Since you cant be trusted to turn off things when you use them....I came and saved us 1.27$ on our utility bill, you worthless bag of sleep !”, amirite?

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Or they're thinking "Gee, something loud could come on and wake them up. I better turn it off for them."

You take a turned off television as a personal insult?

What kind of person gets offended by something like that?

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Are you the person paying the bill?

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My TV has a sleep timer where you set how many hours you want until the TV shuts off on its own. I don't like the dark, and I don't like wasting electricity, so I just do that. Cool story, I know.

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I just hate when they turn it off and leave the remote on the other side of the room, so you have to get up to go turn it back on.

THe brain does not register sound. it registers CHANGES in sound. If someone turns off the tv, the decbels in the room can go from 50 to zero, with the equivalent effect of speaking loudly, but not quite shouting, into someones ear. Same for light.

I don't even think it would be $1.27. But yeah, I do get a little offended by that. Mostly because them shutting the TV off usually wakes me up.

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I hate it when I sleep over a friends house and they sleep with the tv on. I can never fall asleep cause then it's too loud and bright.

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