As a predator how would you even go about killing a giraffe? amirite?

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Run up to it
Mangle it 's ankles so it falls over
Salivate over then enjoy it's delicious, nutritious insides yum smilie

@Celestialjess It's so tall. Wouldn't it see you from a distance? XD

Tallness can work to its disadvantage by making it a slow, awkward runner.

@Mike_Hawk Giraffes are very fast.

I'll admit i know very little about giraffes, but what about in comparison to their predators? I'm thinking theyd be faster with shorter necks.

Well, nuclear bombs are always a great idea.

You stare at it till it drops

@Chewbanshee You stare at it till it drops

And then you stare some more cause what kind of bastard eats a giraffe?

I've seen a video of lions killing a giraffe - it's probably still on youtube. I seem to remember they go for the lower part of the neck, and it definitely takes more than one lion. They kind of jump at it, claw it, try to bite its neck, claw at it etc..make it bleed a bit to weaken it. It's f**kin brutal to watch, but could answer the OPs question.

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It's kind of like cutting down a tree really

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A giraffecankill a lion with one kick. Id just not go for said giraffes.

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You scare it. Then throw poop at it, hoping it'll run into a tree while it turns around to run away from the vile smell of poop. then you eat it with the poop on it.

Snap it's neck

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