What if your GPS spoke in Professor Snape's voice? You'd hear things like, "How very like your father you are, you arrogant fool; he would have missed that turn as well..." and, "There will be no foolish lane-crossing or silly exit-taking for two miles...." Amirite?

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Ignoring my instructions and trying to take short cuts won't get you anywhere... Ten points from Gryffindor

I'd buy it.

Moonshoess avatar Moonshoes Yeah You Are +30Reply

I read those lines in my head with Snape's voice from Potter Puppet Pals... I lol'd :L

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This would be amazing! I want one.

WWWYKIs avatar WWWYKI Yeah You Are +3Reply

You come to a fork in the road
"Turn. Then turn again. Then go back the way you came. Take the other path. Then turn again...so no one knows which path you're on."

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That would be so creepy

what_ups avatar what_up Yeah You Are 0Reply

Hearing Snape phrases and hearing the directions read in Snap'es voice are two completely different things.


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Yeah this was on failbook

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