It's a good idea to tile your floor with pennies. It'd look awesome and probably be cheaper than regular tile, amirite?

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When I first saw this, I was like "That makes no cents..." Then I was like "Oh. It makes a lot of cents... I should make that change"

You have just given me a fantastic idea for my future house

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At first I thought it said penises. I still think that's a much better idea.

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That must take a lot of effort to clean.

Wouldn't they get all gross and turn blue?

Make the Jews work for it

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I figured you meant have random pennies placed under clear tile so that people would be all "alright,lucky penny!" but when they tried to pick it up,they couldn't. But that idea sounds cool too.

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$1.44 per square foot

At first I was like, "eww dirty pennies." But it's a bathroom floor.

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@StickCaveman At first I was like, "eww dirty pennies." But it's a bathroom floor.

You could get some of the clear puzzle glue stuff that seals and protects small things (like puzzle pieces or, in this case, pennies) from damage or wear so that the floor wouldn't get gross. :)
Plus it would keep the pennies shiny!

Or you could use this stuff: Image in content
It looks like some sort of clear resin.

well, all that copper could add up to be worth about equal to the original tile.

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