Fantasy books may not increase your knowledge on a subject although, they can improve your vocabulary, and help your sense of perception. Therefore, reading them is not a "waste of time", amirite?

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And sometimes they even can help on a specific subject, I read a ton of fantasy and tend to pick up random facts about sailing, or horses, or weapons that can be nice to know sometimes.

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I've been telling my mom that for years. SHe still says they're useless. I think she just doesn't like the idea of me gaining something from the things I like, so she can call them useless.

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You actually learn a lot from fantasy books. They usually have a lot of allusions in them of past life, such as things like culture of races, mythology, and just quirky facts that make you seem like a genius. Plus they add the things you have mentioned, but reading will always help :)

Misuse of commas... d smilie

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@Misuse of commas...

Only one comma was in the wrong place so it was a misuse of a comma. Singular. Is it annoying when people bring attention to an honest mistake that is completely harmless?

Was this a stealth joke or did you use that choice of words by coincidence?
You could've worded this post any way you wanted to,but you chose to word it like some badass with an awesomely extensive vocabulary,which leads me to assume you did it to make your point. Either that or you really know how to hold a conversation.

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