There's a failbook group called " I don't want a job, I just want money". That just goes to show how god damn lazy kids are these days. amirite?

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That goes for anyone in any century. It has nothing to do with this generation.

Those damn kids these days! Back in my day we didn't have money! We worked for big rocks we used to throw at people and steal their belongings! And we enjoyed work and liked it! Otherwise we'd get fired! And it wasn't no "You're fired, get your ass out of here and never come back!" bull shit neither! They would set you on fire and you would die! Then people would throw rocks at you and steal your crap! Kids have it easy.

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Um that's not laziness, that's just wishful thinking. We all wish we could have endless gas, food, and rent without having to work for it. Don't act holier than thou by saying an entire generation is pathetic because people want their lives to be a little easier. Get over yourself OP.

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What I hear from people (of all ages) is that work sucks. I've never heard anyone say "oh I absolutely love my job!!" It's understandable why people would just want money and not a job.

I actually enjoy working for money... it's no fun (for me) to just accept unlimited money from my parents and spend on crap I don't need, just want. I'm planning on going into a career that I enjoy so that I won't hate having to work almost every day.

All I want is to be a writer or a singer later in life but I'm WAY too shy :/

I just want $20.

ANYONE who says they wouldnt enjoy just getting money and not having a job is a big liar.

failbook or facebook?

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