We need to start doing something to fuck with the people of the future like the Mayans did; perhaps build a giant clock that is set to start counting down from a random number some 500 years from now, amirite?

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Scientists of the future: "We finally found out what this clock means!"
Ordinary people: "That the world is soon ending??"
Scientists: "No, that the people of 2011 were douches."

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But it's impossible for the entire world to keep it a secret considering how much communication we have now (a buttload). People would be blogging all over "lol wear doing this thing w/ a fake clock to fuck with the futer ppl".

The ultimate troll

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"Hey Bob, so I was at the store today and..."
10, 9, 8
"What the hell!"
7, 6, 5...
"Oh shit!"

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