It would suck if Santa Claus really didn't exist and it was just our parents putting gifts under the tree every year, amirite?

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My friends and I have this long standing private joke thing where they all pretend Santa is fake. They get so into it, too. They all look so serious and I'm struggling to not laugh.

Neighbors avatar Neighbor Yeah You Are +89Reply

But what are the odds of that, amirite?

Jelly_Jars avatar Jelly_Jar Yeah You Are +82Reply

How could parents possibly fly all over the world in one night? Don't be silly.

LoquaciousHippos avatar LoquaciousHippo Yeah You Are +71Reply

Why is this under "Jokes"?

Anonymous +60Reply

Man that would suck. But I know my Parents would never lie to me!

Erins avatar Erin Yeah You Are +53Reply

He's definitely real. I sat on his lap at the mall! http://ctrlv.in/53923 That's legit right there.

Favvkess avatar Favvkes Yeah You Are +48Reply

Thank goodness we all know that's untrue

That's like saying the Easter Bunny doesn't exist and the Tooth fairy is imaginary. Like that's our parents too? Psh.

Anonymous +30Reply

Also, how could the ENTIRE world keep that a secret?! Everybody knows who Santa is...so if he was fake, props to the person who fooled the whole planet.

islanders avatar islander Yeah You Are +22Reply

POTD worthy.

Suzywaos avatar Suzywao Yeah You Are +22Reply

Of course he is! Who else would put presents under the tree saying "From: Santa"?

diddyphones avatar diddyphone Yeah You Are +21Reply
@diddyphone Of course he is! Who else would put presents under the tree saying "From: Santa"?

It's always weird how he has our parents handwriting though d smilie
And that he uses fedex d smilie d smilie

What a nice guy, he must be trying to give credit to our parents... that Santa is a Saint :')

I mean when I lay out the milk and cookies I write "For Santa" on a piece of paper. So who else could be eating them? No one else is allowed to because they're not Santa.

Sarcasm_on_ices avatar Sarcasm_on_ice Yeah You Are +7Reply

My parents would never lie to me! Lies and slander

deeviants avatar deeviant Yeah You Are +2Reply

I mean I give my parents a list of things I want!!! They clearly send it to Santa!!! I mean, they wouldn't just SAY they would send it to Santa and then keep it to themselves! That's selfish!! Pshhhh

Not many comments on potd

How can Santa not be real? Last year, I asked for the sexiest person on the planet. How in the world could my parents fit me into a box and put me under the tree without waking me up?

TOMxRIDDLEs avatar TOMxRIDDLE Yeah You Are -9Reply
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