Tyler The Creator is a very unusual and innovative rapper, amirite?

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My comment for this post, is your username.

Nah, not really... he's unusual I'll give him that, but he's not innovative at all, he's just tacky and weird for the sake of being weird.

He's really not that innovative... but I do like his music.

He's not innovative for being obsessed with rape hahaha (even though he recently said that he would be less geared toward that) he has brought his genre to a more popular level. But he has done nothing new. He is pretty rad though, not tacky.

LOL, thats what makes om one of the greatest rappers ever! OFWGKTA!

@EpicBoy [s] ;)

See. This is exactly why we need the symbol. If he had used it, she would have been saved form confusion. :)