That Spongebob episode where Patrick loses his brain and replaces it with brain coral is basically "Flowers for Algernon" for kids, amirite?

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I remember reading this back in 8th grade and really liking it..thank you for reminding me about it again :)

There was a rugrats episode where Chuckie gets a procedure to clear up his nose that was a clear Flowers for Algernon reference. It had the lab mouse and everything.

People still know about that book?

Hmm that's the one with the lab rat right?

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It kind of rings a bell. 8th grade I think. Was it any good?

@SkylarOctavious It kind of rings a bell. 8th grade I think. Was it any good?

(oh my god why am I suddenly so bad at using amirite on my phone :s)

I loved that book :U

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What's the book about?

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@What's the book about?

A mentally challenged man has his intelligence improved through an experimental surgical procedure, becomes a genius, is exposed to life's challenges, falls into depression, and slowly loses his intellect as the effects of the surgery wear off.

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That book made my teacher cry haha

That book was so sad!

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