You always wanted a certain pet you could never have, amirite?

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A person.

AtheisticMystics avatar AtheisticMystic Yeah You Are +13Reply

I want a hippopotamus for christmas

Superhippos avatar Superhippo Yeah You Are +12Reply

a blue footed booby

Hedgehog.....they're like the cautious man's porcupine.

DevilishEggs avatar DevilishEgg Yeah You Are +8Reply

An ugly old rat named Scabbers.

caspers avatar casper Yeah You Are +7Reply

A griffin or pterodactyl

dinoroars avatar dinoroar Yeah You Are +6Reply
@ilikefurrywolves4815 Wolf :D

Never would have guessed.

Igors avatar Igor Yeah You Are +18Reply

I have always wanted a platypus even before I saw or even heard of phineous and ferb


Sergs avatar Serg Yeah You Are +5Reply

When I was a toddler I really wanted an iguana...

BeatrixNemesiss avatar BeatrixNemesis Yeah You Are +4Reply

An owl.

Deathelfs avatar Deathelf Yeah You Are +4Reply
@Deathelf An owl.

I would think that you would want an elf...)

Anonymous +1Reply

I've always wanted a dragon

ItsATraps avatar ItsATrap Yeah You Are +4Reply

pygmy puff frown smilie

fennec fox or chinchilla

amyXDs avatar amyXD Yeah You Are +3Reply

guinea pig

Jelly_Jars avatar Jelly_Jar Yeah You Are +3Reply

A Nargle.


Madies avatar Madie Yeah You Are +2Reply

Pig or an elephant. Both would be ideal, but.

A unicorn


I wish goats were allowed within city limits.

I always wanted a bulbasaur

Moheebs avatar Moheeb Yeah You Are +1Reply

House elf

Always wanted and still want a miniature pig :)

mliasuxs avatar mliasux Yeah You Are +1Reply

Killer whale.

... I may have watched Free Willy too many times as a kid.

Apple_Pies avatar Apple_Pie Yeah You Are 0Reply
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