It would be cool if Google Earth was a live satellite broadcast and we could watch people go about their daily lives on there, amirite?

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I'd stalk my neighborhood and people I know so I could be like, "what were you doing at 4:17 Saturday afternoon?"
"taking a shower."

KirstenAnns avatar KirstenAnn Yeah You Are +30Reply

Murders would be so much easier to solve...

Anonymous +25Reply

Cool? More like creepy.

Shuns avatar Shun No Way +14Reply

I would be scared to leave my house because people could be watching!

Lemon_cupcakes avatar Lemon_cupcake Yeah You Are +10Reply

Thats called being the U.S. government.

Anonymous +8Reply

Woah, what's that dude doing? His hand... Whoa whoa whoa, you do NOT stick your hand in your pants in a memorial.

Jardens avatar Jarden Yeah You Are +6Reply

creeper smilie

Anonymous +6Reply

ooh I'd track one person for a whole day!

I approve.

Anonymous +1Reply

I would stalk my friends.........
......and that cute boy from math who I've never spoken to.

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Holy shit, calm your fucking tits.

Dameequas avatar Dameequa Yeah You Are +7Reply
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