It'd be cool if you could exchange battery life over iPhones. Guy #1: "Awww shoot I'm down to 20%" Guy #2: "No worries man, sends battery life here's 20% of my battery.", amirite?

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"There's an app for that." LIES

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I was just thinking this today when I didn't have enough battery to take pictures of my baby cousins at the museum! It's so weird when you go on amirite and the thing you were thinking earlier is on the homepage. @.@

That would get awkward on Facebook: "Lms and I'll give you 10% battery life"

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Why only iPhones?

@boxtop Why only iPhones?

That's what I was thinking! PHONE RACIST!

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Sending battery life through WiFi? Or Bluetooth?

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Even if this was possible, I would never give my precious battery life away

Or you could get a battery case

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There's a small case you can put batteries into and plug it into an iPhone to charge it. I think there's also a way to charge a battery using iPhone power. You could just use a rechargeable battery like a thumbdrive and cut and paste the power over.

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