You've seen your best friend naked or in their underwear at least once, amirite?

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I wish hello smilie

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Icels avatar Icel Yeah You Are +10Reply

While changing in the gym.

cherryblasters avatar cherryblaster Yeah You Are +10Reply

My old best friend used to walk around in his underwear with a throbbing erection it was awk as fuck

My best friend is my boyfriend, so yes.

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My male flatmates walk around in their boxers the entire time, they even answer the door to people like that. And I've accidentally flashed my best friend when I was sunbathing and sat up, forgetting I'd undone my bikini top...

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I've seen my friend's penis plenty of times... gym class, swimming...penis fights... good times!

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I've seen my girl best friend(s) naked and my guy best friend in his underwear.

Locker room...

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Psh, I've showered with my best friend :p

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