It's hard to remember your locker combination after Christmas break, amirite?

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Who could be so dumb ?
Wait... What's my combination? I know there's a 16 in there somewhere... Shit.

We use keys.

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@_Z_ We use keys.

Same, but I've always wanted to have a combination lock.


I saw this b4 I posted and almost deleted it, then I realized that his was worded in a really really bad way

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Mine's too easy to forget.

@chocolatecakeisbad Mine's too easy to forget.

mines 10-20-40, its pretty hard to legitly forget :P

I've been out of high school for almost two years and I still remember my locker combination.

I had to go to the office to ask for my combo...

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Two of my friends forgot their combination today, and they had to carry all they're books and binders around all day. They have to ask an administrator to give it to them tomorrow.

Or Summer. I've had to buy a new lock every year because of this. wary smilie

I read this post and started to worry because I don't remember my combination and I'll be going back to school in a couple weeks. Then I remembered I'm in college and don't have a locker.

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