It would be cool if you could find a room that had everything you ever lost, amirite?

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Chapstick. Lots of Chapstick.and friends.

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@Chapstick. Lots of Chapstick.and friends.

Is it true and shimmering? I've seen them around here somewhere...

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Halloween town disney movie. The second one I think

Jonesys avatar Jonesy Yeah You Are +8Reply

Ya like half of my nintendo games!

Thebloo2s avatar Thebloo2 Yeah You Are +7Reply

Just check the Room of Requirement, you're sure to find anything you've lost there

Maybe I'll finally find my mind...

Well... my virginity wouldnt be in there -__-

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@Well... my virginity wouldnt be in there -__-

If it were, it would be kind of odd. What does it look like, anyway?

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@If it were, it would be kind of odd. What does it look like, anyway?

Imagine a three legged Jewish cat with a Tom Sellick style mustache and a monocle.

That's not it, but the thought is mildly entertaining.

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my cat please? :(

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Hopefully the stuff I'd 'lost' wouldn't be in there though.

It would be full of socks -_-

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11th comment says my virginity

Juliafaces avatar Juliaface Yeah You Are 0Reply

Gloves. Gloves everywhere.

My dignity!

Ariodantes avatar Ariodante Yeah You Are 0Reply

Yeah, but then stuff would be lost with my lost stuff... and is something lost, if you haven't yet acknowledged it as lost?

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