That would really suck if all the foreign movies/shows you've ever watched (with English subtitles/captions) were translated completely wrong. amirite?

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A few times that I watch movies in another language I know (especially the older ones), the subtitles are a fair way off, so you are right to be wary of them. Obviously they aren't completely off, but off by enough to kill jokes in the movie.

I just can say that the other way around (english movies with subtitles) it is sometimes really weird or wrongly translated...

That's how I feel about learning another language-imagine everything that you learned a language from including translators was a lie.

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I watch a lot of Korean dramas with English subtitles and sometimes the captions don't match the expression on the character. For example,they could have a pissed off look on there face, while saying "I miss you and I'm really glad you're here." No sarcasm intended for them. I don't know what to believe -.-

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so keep watchin those spanish soaps

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