You've actually become speechless before due to someone's stupidity, amirite?

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...Which just makes them feel like they outsmarted you

CallMeMrRights avatar CallMeMrRight Yeah You Are +37Reply

Once, a kid in my Biology class asked if infertility was genetic.

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Countless times. And it's all thanks to Rick Perry.

"Pluto isn't a planet anymore because they found out that it's a star."

Clementiness avatar Clementines Yeah You Are +17Reply

Once I put as my facebook status "What should I put on my vanity plates when I get a car?" and after some suggestions one of my sisters middle school friends said "don't do it! You'll regret it when your older!" like it was a tattoo or something I couldn't change. I literally couldn't say anything because I thought I was being trolled.

Pedo_Cats avatar Pedo_Cat Yeah You Are +16Reply
@Pedo_Cat Once I put as my facebook status "What should I put on my vanity plates when I get a car?" and after some...

Why do you have your sisters middle school friends as your friends on Facebook? ...oh wait. I see d smilie Pedo_Cat

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A girl in my Biology class last year asked if cancer was bad for you.

OCDpantsjons avatar OCDpantsjon Yeah You Are +16Reply

Today, my friend said "I thought Philadelphia was a state..?" -__-

middleseiss avatar middleseis Yeah You Are +13Reply

"It sure is cold outside. Global warming my ass!" This was in November when it was 55°F outside in Texas.

eldoritos avatar eldorito Yeah You Are +11Reply

Every single time there is a Republican presidential debate.
And my health class. 90% of the class is convinced that pot and other drugs are "no big deal" and that the administration is out to get them. I spend the entire class alternating between horror and laughing uncontrollably.

Dirait_ons avatar Dirait_on Yeah You Are +11Reply
@OCDpantsjon bahaha, that sounds AWFULLY familiar to MY health class experiences.

One kid's New Year's resolution: I'm going to take a break from smoking pot. Probably not all year, but at least for a little while.
Oh dear....

Dirait_ons avatar Dirait_on Yeah You Are +3Reply

"Mexico is in Europe right?"


I'd be like others and give examples, but there are too many times -.-

Pun_Coons avatar Pun_Coon Yeah You Are +10Reply

Are there molecules in cardboard?

rewindthissongs avatar rewindthissong Yeah You Are +8Reply

^See that?
Our Psychology teacher was showing us a few examples, and when she turned the altered photo back upright, a girl in the class went, "THAT'S WHAT HE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE?!"

troglobites avatar troglobite Yeah You Are +3Reply

My cousin asked me how Disney was still making movies since Walt died.

Last year, this girl asked "WTF IS THAT?" to a bracket on the board. My teacher literally facepalmed.

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One of my teachers: there is no gravity on the moon. -__-

sprite590s avatar sprite590 Yeah You Are +2Reply

usually i say something stupid, then i become speechless

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A girl in my geoglogy class just asked if the world was gonna split in half because of plate tectonics and fault lines...

OCDpantsjons avatar OCDpantsjon Yeah You Are +1Reply

When I was a freshman, my friend asked me what a verb was. he was serious.

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One girl was walking around with just the top of a flower. "If I put this in my locker, will it die because there's no sun?" "Kelsea, it's already dying because you cut it off the stem." "WHAT!? I didn't know it was DEAD! . . . But wait. If I put it in my locker, it'll, like, wilt, right?"

Half of my history class was convinced that Japan was in China and that Asia was just a country.

My friend couldn't figure out what continents made up Eurasia. He got it wrong the second time, too.

Hairyleos avatar Hairyleo Yeah You Are +1Reply

YEA that happened today to me d smilie

also, when i said i had a friend who lives in canada he asked "You know how to speak Canadian?'

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