It would be really weird if water came in cans, amirite?

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I have the feeling it would taste amazing though

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@I have the feeling it would taste amazing though

This, definitely. It would be awesome.

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It would be really polluted if cans came in water.

...the ocean, I mean. The ocean would be really polluted.

After Hurricane Ivan hit they handed out water in cans to everyone. I still have one of them :D

I always have water from cans. Flavoured water. It's really cheap.

then you could look cool drinking water

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Early 90s dasani had some vending machines with this

Lulz. I said this the other day. My mom called me a princess because I drink more bottled water than tap and I told her I'd drink canned water. XD

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I see it a lot, I'm pretty sure they have some at Costco.

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