Did you know that the money spent on the adverts at half time at the super bowl is enough to feed and clothe the worlds refugee population (aprox 62 million) TWICE. What the hell is wrong with humanity. amirite?

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basic economics, my dear watson. If there was suddenly 62 million more people with money trying to buy basic foodstuffs and clothing/materials, the prices for everyone would artificially inflate greatly. which would probably cause a global recession if not depression and a collapse of the monetary system since it can no longer purchase necesities like food. But you know, other than that... be as idealistic as you want! (just remember it probably will come back to you eventually, and you should figure out how before doing something dumb)
also, ever heard of the pepsi refresh project?

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Because they want their products to SELL SELL SELL! I don't blame them though, they want more money. They work hard, why should they give away money for no reason?

Clearly it's our fault poverty stricken nations don't know what abstinence is.

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