It's confusing whenever a teacher calls on someone within seconds of them raising their hand, and instantly the student says dubiously, "I forgot." How is that even possible? Either the student never even had a question to begin with and was just messing with the teacher, or they're displaying early signs of Alzheimer's, amirite?

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I'm guessing that they weren't expecting to get called on so quick and the surprise made them forget their thought. But it does happen and it's common.

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Or maybe they've been raising it so long and thinking 'Pick on me!' for the past 5 minutes, they forgot what they had in their mind in the first place.

I do that but usually because I have a thought in my head but I don't know how to say it aloud

@OFWGKTA I do that but usually because I have a thought in my head but I don't know how to say it aloud

I kinda get that, but then maybe you shouldn't of raised your hand in the first place :P Nah but it has more or less happened to me too but that's usually after having my hand in the air for like 10 minutes, and a few seconds of pondering what I was going to say after the teacher calls on me, not an immediate response when the teacher called on me almost right away.

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You mean Alzheimer's? There are no indicators for amnesia, it just happens....

Ok...Homepage/Favorite all my posts troll smilie

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I'll raise my hand, the teacher will call on me and I'm suddenly thrust into the spotlight; I then manage to forget my thoroughly planned monologue that I rehearsed in my head about ten times before raising my hand.

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I have actually had this happen to me before. Usually when low on sleep and it's between 12 and 2 pm.

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