It's pretty stupid that we spend billions of dollars on space exploration that could fail in a second instead of feeding all the starving kids all over the world, amirite?

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They shut down the space program for now.

If we fed the starving people, they'd make more starving people, who we would then have to feed, and they'd go make more starving people... it's a vicious circle, and as horrible as it sounds, they have to either die off or find a way to grow their own food.

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Or paying athletes millions of dollars, they don't need that money.

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@Starkiller731 Or paying athletes millions of dollars, they don't need that money.

The athletes and other entertainers make so much money because so many people pay to see them play. If people find that to be a problem, maybe they should give fifty dollars to charity instead of going to a football game.

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1) it's not our fault they're starving we have tried to help and a few of the douche-ier people hoarded the food.
2) even some people we sent to monitor their supplies have stolen from them.

Moral of the Story: let's just stop feeding the greedy assholes that keep stealing from everyone else until the hungry people do something about it.

its pretty stupid when people make posts about macroeconomics when they have no idea how it works. there is a set amount of food in the world, and it would take at least a few years for production to start advancing rapidly, and until then, theres still going to be just as many starving people, there's just a higher chance it will be someone you know who now cant afford food because of ludicrous inflation from swamping a market with billions more dollars and millions more consumers, with the same amount of total available food.

Yeah, the pursuit of knowledge is really stupid. I'm sorry, but look around you. Pretty much every piece of technology you own is because of science. Learning things is NEVER stupid; there could be something of unimaginable use and value somewhere outside of our earth. Don't take money out of something this important just to save some kids. Saving kids is a WONDERFUL thing to do, but space exploration could change everything as we know it and is important as well.

Don't take money out of something important to do something else important. Take money out of something stupid. Like building ANOTHER football stadium, or buying stupid useless crap (which I am sure everyone of you does all the time instead of donating it).

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