It's always difficult to know what to say when a person's grandparent dies. Some people are really close to their grandparents and are a wreck for weeks, but then others hardly ever knew the grandparent and are totally fine about it. If you don't know which category a person falls into, you're kinda just left standing there like uhhhhhhhh.....I'm sorry. amirite?

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I'm awful at the comforting. This one girl told me her grandpa was dying, and I was like "just remember that it's not your fault." and she was like "yeah I know. I'm not causing my grandpa's lungs to fill with liquid." then I walked away.

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This girl in my science class was like "I'm not going to be here tomorrow." and I'm like "LUCKY!" and she then replied with "I'm going to my grandpa's funeral." I was like "o, I'm sorry."

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My grandma died a week ago, and when I told one of my "friend" he starts laughing and asks, "did you hate her?" He's fucked up, I loved my grandma.

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