You have a reality tv show guilty pleasure, amirite?

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America's Next Top Model... all the drama is just so hilarious.

makeup_nerds avatar makeup_nerd Yeah You Are +14Reply

Toddlers and Tiaras. I don't wanna love that show but I do.

Beautiful_Rivals avatar Beautiful_Rival Yeah You Are +12Reply

Dance Mom's.. oh my god it is so unhealthy.

BakerGator96s avatar BakerGator96 Yeah You Are +7Reply

Project Runway...

Lkuns avatar Lkun Yeah You Are +7Reply


AnnDeevas avatar AnnDeeva Yeah You Are +6Reply

Seriously, Toddlers and Tiaras is terribly awful but I'm so addicted

Anonymous +2Reply

It used to be the Hills but now it's 16 and pregnant... I feel so bad about it.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are +2Reply

I have too many, and it's a little embarrassing. My new thing is The Bachelor.

Thatbitchs avatar Thatbitch Yeah You Are +1Reply


_Jojo_s avatar _Jojo_ Yeah You Are +1Reply


Stantonmmmks avatar Stantonmmmk Yeah You Are +1Reply
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