You enjoy people watching, amirite?

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This is an example of a post that really needs a hyphen.

People watching what?

Ohhhhh. People-watching. I was like "people watching what? What are the people watching?"

... i thought this was about enjoying people watching you have sex.....

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YESS! I do it all the time. I just go to the mall with my best friend and we sit on one of the benches that's just close enough for us to watch them, but not too close to scare them. They're pretty interesting especially the male specimines. :)

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I've heard it's a helpful tool if you're a writer. People-watching can give you inspiration for characters based on what you think that person's life must be like. And they'll never know you based a character off of them! I've people-watched before, but I think I should try this...though it does sound strange.

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Last time I walked through the park: people playing with those tops where you have to smack them with a whip, an middle-aged man in his business clothes doing stretches, an old man in pajamas practicing taichi, and a young man sitting on a bench nervously reciting his wedding vows.

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Yes, I do very much so...

You're on to me, aren't you? Hmmm...

I'm amazed that this has gotten to 133 oh yeas and not one no way

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@Stantonmmmk I'm amazed that this has gotten to 133 oh yeas and not one no way

i literally joined last night i didnt think it was special, made me feel goood now :) ahah!

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Oh wow I thought this was about sex until I read the comments.. Yeah, needs a hyphen

watching people*

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