After something bad happens at a place/school (like the Virginia Tech shooting), people tend to stay away from that place/school, but really there's probably less of a chance of something occurring again because that school/place will now be more aware of those threats and what to do to prevent them, amirite?

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Virginia Tech had another shooting about a month ago..

The irony is that it DID happen there again.

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Virginia Tech set a new record for their admissions the year after the massacre. I don't think it drove many people away.

And people exploit the situation to push their agendas.

I don't know the details, but I heard that they actually made it illegal for ANYONE-including security guards-to have guns on Virginia Tech's campus. I'm not a huge advocate for gun use, but in a huge school, it's possible for any bozo with a gun to sneak in and mow down several buildings before he's caught. If at least security guards (and possibly teachers) have guns, they can stop this person.

I agree with this post in other cases though.

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