If someone tells you that a movie is about football, involves racism, and is based on a true story, you have to tell them to be more specific, amirite?

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Remember the Titans and Brian's Song are the first to come to mind.

Harlequinades avatar Harlequinade Yeah You Are +9Reply

"The main charactor is an underdog."
"That REALLY helps narrow it down."

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I thought of radio

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We Are Marshall, Junkyard Boys(Idk bout that title), Blind Side, Radio, Remember the Titans, Brian's Song.

I thought of Invictus...

I thought of Remember the Titans (we're watching it in school now) and the Blind Side.
Is RtT based on a true story? It seems like it could be.

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I don't really care for them to elaborate any further, because it's probably a crap movie anyway.

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