People who don't flush the toilet in your school are probably trying to lower all the water bills schools have to pay so the school would not run out of funds so all of us may learn and get a good education, I salute these wonderful human beings.. amirite?

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Yeah, or they're just gross. Either way.

Salute to those that don't bother using toilet paper.


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Oh yes, and the people that put toilet paper around the washroom are just trying to save money on interior decorating!

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Something that pisses me off, if how my college tries to get people who live in the dorms to conserve energy and use less water. Does the college lower tuition because the students helped save the college money? Of course not. When I was in dorms I used every bit of energy and water I possibly could.

... Or they're just lazy slobs.

Also, punctuation is your friend.

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Please tell me you are being sarcastic. 😖

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