You wished you could forget everything you have learned about Minecraft and have it back to alpha just so you could have that feeling where Minecraft was so new, not knowing what to do. Dig a hole on the side of a cliff and camp there all night, hearing monsters outside, now knowing what they look like. Later, hearing monsters dying, you dig out discovering sand, coal, cobble, etc. while improving your little hole. amirite?

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The first thing I did was dig a hole in the ground. I was ambushed by many zombies.

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the first thing iDdo was dig a cave (in a mountain) and dig stone, I dont cut any tree because there wasnt anyone so I lived in a cave like for 3 minecraft days then make me a dirt house IT WAS AWESOME AND HUNNIER THAN NOW WHAT IM A PRO (I will wish to forget everyhing)

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The first thing I did was build a little 2 blocks wide bridge towards the ocean hmm smilie

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