Tool are a really good band (don't vote no if you've never listened to them, if you haven't listened go listen then get back to me), amirite?

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How can so many people No Way this???
They're such a good band!

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I like em! The albums usually have good reviews too, when you can find em

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Because people like to disagree, I'd guess. But then if you look at the stats, most people agree. People just suck?

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no way

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Tool is a great band but they are not the greatest band ever. I have a very wide range of tolerance for all kinds of music and Tool probably is one of the most talented and creative bands I've heard. With that said, I don't think they are the best band ever. If you want someone to tell you that ask one of the psychos that covers their bodies in tattoos of Tool's album artwork. I'm a hardcore fan but nowhere close to that bad. And please will someone please tell the idiots who love Black Sabbath that they had no musical talent whatsoever and they absolutely suck. Those who also think sabbath created metal, FALSE! That would be Led Zeppelin. Without Zep sabbath would have never had a career. Anyone who has heard "Dazed and Confused" off Zeps first album and then later heard sabbath knows that every one of their songs is based off of that Zeppelin song. Anyway, Tool is definitely in my top 5 metal bands of all time, they are all time greats, but they aren't the best band ever.

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You ever listened Lex?

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Schism is a goood song from them :) If people listen to it they'll have to agree that Tool is a good band :D

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