Super Bowl XLVI is going to be a great one amirite?

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Im tired of seeing the same teams in the Super Bowl. I wanted it to be 49ers and Ravens.

The two teams I did not want to go to the Super Bowl are now in the super bowl.

Would have been better with the 49ers

I'm a ravens fan :(


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Meh.. I could care less about it but it's nice to have an excuse to sit around with friends or family.

Fucking both teams in the NFC and AFC campions did not get into the super bowl... Damn

Woulda been great if the Packers went again (and won of course)

no body cares

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Shh, they'll hack you

@Discord Shh, they'll hack you

Oh no! Or worse...they might confront me without being anonymous.


Wouldve been better with the Saints.

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