Life is like playing a really bad game: the balance is all wrong, the challenge is in overcoming annoying obstacles, the NPCs are uncaring assholes, the quests are dull and repetitive, there are annoying sounds everywhere, your health does not regenerate, your party members leave your party continuously, you cannot kill your enemies, the romances are poorly scripted, it is more frustrating than fun, not very rewarding, and you cannot save or load, but it is the only game you have, amirite?

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It's buggy as shit too, I hope they fix the forgetting-what-you-were-about-to-do glitch whenever you walk through a door for the next patch.

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All except the last part. Dreaming would probably be considered another game.

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"cannot kill your enemies"
Meh, I finally poisoned my enemies yesterday. My enemies are wasps.


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Don't be too optimistic

So...who are the NPCs in life?

I feel like this could be a really awesome quote outta the Matrix or another one of those "people decide to live the game instead of life" movies

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