Nickelback really isn't that bad, amirite?

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Yeah, I don't love them, but I've never understood why people hate on them so much.

sansas avatar sansa Yeah You Are +16Reply

It's not that they're bad, their music is just extremely bland. It's boring to listen to. That's my opinion anyways. I do like that Rock Star song though, just because it's fun to sing at bars.

Mob mentality.

Pontiac_Dudes avatar Pontiac_Dude Yeah You Are +10Reply

They're doing something right. They still make music, they get lots if attention, and they never ever leave the radio. EVER.

BuddyCakess avatar BuddyCakes Yeah You Are +6Reply

It's not that I LOVE nickelback. but they're not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. I've heard WAY worse music than nickelback.

L0KIs avatar L0KI Yeah You Are +5Reply

They're like the pop of rock music. It's accessible to the masses, and also tolerable, but it's not particularly deep or interesting.

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Thank you!

AllSmiiilesss avatar AllSmiiiless Yeah You Are +2Reply

Reddit and Tumblr hipsters, then sheep afraid of social rejection.

still remember that time when they were worshipped by some internet communities two-three years ago

I was and still am just neutral about them.

Alexuss avatar Alexus Yeah You Are +1Reply

Yeah they're nothing compared to the greats like The Beatles, The rolling stones, Led zeppelin and all that. but they do NOT deserve all the hate that they get.
i know a lot of their songs aren't so deep or so technical instrumentals but they have a lot better songs than the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Beyonce or those people (no hate intended on any of them)
but that's just my opinion. sorry if you don't agree...

L0KIs avatar L0KI Yeah You Are 0Reply

Whether you Love 'em or Hate 'em, it appears Nickelback's here to stay!
If you love them, buy a couple shirts and throw one onstage at your next concert ;)
If you hate them, buy a doormat so you can wipe your feet on them daily :D


Anonymous -1Reply

Eh, they're just bland and generic. Looking at just rock music, they suck. Looking at all music, they are just tolerable.

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