Most people hate Justin Bieber simply because of mob mentality, amirite?

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Same thing with Kristin Stewart. If it wasn't so popular to hate Twilight nobody would bother constantly bringing her up so negatively in conversation.

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But that's also why people like him...

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I hated him when songs like Baby were popular, but I really like his more recent songs where his voice doesn't resemble Miley Cyrus...

I don't hate him, i just find his voice queer. The first time I heard "Baby" I had no idea who Justin Bieber was, but i thought that was a girls voice.

I used to not mind him but now he's a bit obnoxious.. i mean the glasses, and the earring and jesus tattoo....

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I dislike Justin Bieber because of his stupid views on things. Like, he's so Jesus-crazy, and what he said about abortion and stuff. He said something like "if you get raped, that's really sad but everything happens for a reason". He's just really stupid.

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I'm actually a total Belieber.

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@cherryblaster I'm actually a total Belieber.

The post refers to people who hate him. Not his fans.

My only problem with him is the fact that he's a member of this sudden surge of young singers, Willow Smith, Justin, other groups I can't remember the names of right now. Maybe I'm imagining it but someone is shoving younger singers into the spotlight for some reason, and I find most of there songs just annoying.

I think that his choice of songs doesn't really help the high pitched voice. Songs like Baby and You Smile I Smile were bad ideas.

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It wasn't to my ears. It was like how brown noise makes you crap.

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