Girls: You wonder how guys can carry a bunch of stuff in their pockets and you never can tell, amirite?

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They've got large pockets, and they're used to hiding bulges in their pants so...no.

Montanas avatar Montana No Way +18Reply
@Disco HUGE bulges.

I'm only putting this on here bc I can't send messages: Your Katy Perry cover made me cry. Like I literally am in tears right now.

@Disco Wow thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Or at least I think that means you enjoyed it lol.

Yea I really did! I'm going through a break up right now so it really spoke to me!

Look at the comment thread that got us here....:S

It's like narnia in there

TheycallmeStans avatar TheycallmeStan Yeah You Are +3Reply

It's one of the few secrets of our gender. Girls get tons of mysteries we don't get to know about, hiding things in our pants is ours.

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