You have a scary nightmare from your childhood that you still remember, amirite?

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I was in a green lava lamp, bouncing around on the bubbles when I saw my grandma in a hammock. Then I saw a witch lady put a tiki mask on her and it turned her evil. I always had weird dreams.

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I was literally having tea with Fidel Castro in hell. I had that dream when I was four wtf.

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I was in grade 3. In the dream, this kid in my class came over to borrow my crayons. My family went out for the night. When we got back, it was dark and my mom's car lights illuminated a pile of white in the driveway. I got out to see what it was. It was the kid from my class dead and wrapped in a blanket with only his face showing. His eyes were open wide and he had a giant toothy smile on his face. I screamed and looked back at the car but was blinded by the headlights...and then I woke up.

To this day, my brother will sneak up behind me and make the face that Michael had when he was dead in my driveway. And every time he does it, it brings back the dream so vividly that I basically relive the nightmare all over again.

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This is the scariest dream i've ever had:
My family and I are watching TV at home when suddenly the show cuts to a news program. A horrified-looking reporter blurts out that in one day, a massive storm will tear across the entire world, causing a flood so massive that everyone on earth will die, either from drowning or due to the intense wind. The US government is giving out tickets to a spaceship that will transport people to safety, leaving from a city near my house.

The next day, my family drives to the ship, but the attendant tells us there are only enough spots left to offer us four tickets. My family has 5 people, so one of us will be left behind. My little brother, the attendant tells us, is too small for the seats on the ship, so he will have to be the one. Refusing to let my brother die alone, we draw straws, and I am chosen to stay behind with him.

The two of us walk home as the storm gathers, and from my room, we look out the window until the rain becomes too intense to see. My brother, too young to fully understand the situation, asks with tears in his eyes, "are we going to die?"

"Yes," I reply.

For a couple years, I had a dream that Raggedy Ann was trying to murder me. I was scared for years to get that doll out of the closet. But when I was 10, we made peace in one dream and I wasn't scared anymore.

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When I was four I had a dream that my mom put me in my carseat, got in the car and turned it on, then got out and closed the door. Thw car started driving and didn't stop even when I screamed and kicked and unbuckled my seatbelt. and then I saw a sign that said "welcome to CANADA" (I just learned to read then) and then I woke up.

A giant grasshopper (like 6 feet tall) came into my basement while I was there playing, and tried to convince me to go outside and run away with him. I had the dream several times. It always scared me to death.

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I was dressed up like Jasmine and I had to fight Beetlejuice.

PirateQueens avatar PirateQueen Yeah You Are +6Reply

Me and my brother shrunk to ant size and were swimming in the toilet.

Then, someone had to flush...

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@blue45000 So you were swiming in the toilet while they were going? eww

Not that I remember. It was just a random person coming in and flushing spontaneously.

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To this day I am terrified of Mickey Mouse.

Axolotls avatar Axolotl Yeah You Are +5Reply

Attacked by a statue that came to life.

_Jojo_s avatar _Jojo_ Yeah You Are +4Reply

You know the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow?" I had a dream of that happening to New York City when I was about 7.

Stepharoos avatar Stepharoo Yeah You Are +3Reply

I was six years old and the butler from Cinderella was chasing me through a forest because he was hungry and wanted to cook me in a stew. Doesn't sound like much, but I can never look at this man the same way again:
Image in content

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Voldemort kidnapped my dog...

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The shape-shifter from my school's assembly turned into a dinosaur and chased my friend and I, so we teleported out of there.

An evil guy had a 20 story-tall can of bug spray in the middle of town that would cause monsters to appear in our house if we didn't get back soon enough. My sister just had to tie her shoe.

The evil kids from Codename Kids Nextdoor appeared in two dreams that I had. In both, I was isolated, no one could hear me, I couldn't move, and all I saw was their shadows, then I woke up.

I didn't like going to sleep.

Hairyleos avatar Hairyleo Yeah You Are +2Reply

Pennywise coming up from under my bed.

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I had a dream my dad died. It felt so real that when I woke up, I started crying because I was convinced he really was dead. Then he came into my room to wake me up.

I used to have a nightmare that I was in my room, totally scared, while a robot with this huge grin (From deep in the uncanny valley) went up and down the hall outside my room, looking for me. The rest of my house was dark, and empty, except for one little kid, who would go right past the robot, and see me hiding. I asked him not to tell the robot where I was, and he laughed and told it anyway. I always woke up right as I heard it turn around and head for my room. And for added terror, it was a recurring nightmare! Shudder

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My dad and I were playing softball in the yard, and a rapist can pulled up and two guys dressed in mime clothes were about to kill my dad and I. I woke up when they had a knife over my dad and I was calling 911.

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I was with Alice from Alice in Wonderland and we were just in this infinite white space and we suddenly started getting chased by like these giant plastic snapping alligators.

...It was really scary at the time.

mmadalynns avatar mmadalynn Yeah You Are +1Reply

I was about 4 or 5.
There was this dog, trappers inside a wooden crate on a kitchen floor. It's whimpering and trying to get out, but the owners are out of the house. Then, along comes a floating narwhal and starts stabbing the dog through the holes on the sides of the crate with its horn. The dog can't move to save itself and is crying from pain when I wake up crying as well.

I had the dream a bunch of times and was always really sad for the poor dog, and then finally the dream stopped recurring.

I had a recurring one in which me, my dad, and a bunch of other kids and one of their parents would go to this wolf's cabin while he was out doing errands. There were two entrances to the cabin and when the wolf was on his way back, each child/parent pair had to choose a side of the cabin to hide on. The wolf would eat whoever was on the side of the cabin that he entered. Every single time, all the kids and their parents would choose one side, while my dad and I would be the only ones to choose the other side, and every single time the wolf would enter the through the door my dad and I were hiding next to, and we would be about to be eaten, and then I'd wake up. I finally beat the dream after years of having it by realizing I was dreaming and hiding with the other kids and their parents. After that, I never had the dream again.

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I had to save a town from a giant jellyfish that ate people

A gorilla was trying to kill me at McDonalds because I buckled this seat belt thing that kept him from sliding all the way down the slide

A shark with arms and legs came out of the water in this pond and was trying to eat me

I was at Disney at this Lion King themed ride and while going down something a monkey caught my arm and wouldn't let me go

You'd think I have an animal phobia or something.

Well, I'm sure I'll forget it eventually...

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@Shun ..

are you correcting my ellipsis?

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@Courage_Wolf are you correcting my ellipsis?

lolwut smilie I was notifying you that I changed it.

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@Shun I was notifying you that I changed it.

ugh sorry I'm ashamed now I thought you meant ellipsis have two dots and I was like r ut retarded in my head anyways sorry for this awkward exchange

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My mom, dad, and sister turned into swamp monsters (i just read a goosebumps book about that i remember) and they were chasing me and my brother around. we found an exit door up some stairs but it was locked. and we had to wait at the top of the stairs while they lumbered up them to kill us. I woke up with them at the last step reaching out to grab us.

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I have two. One was me hearing noises, then looking under my bed and BOOM skeleton chasing me. I woke up with the skeleton imprinted into my vision and I ran into a wall.

The other one involves clones, a secret third floor, and a whole bunch of exercise machines.

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I was helping a creepy old woman to drown kids by tying rocks onto their heads and making them smoke cigarettes.

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Almost killed by the Joker and the Penguin. at gma's house

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Apparently, nightmares are an evolved trait. The nightmares of different people have universal recurring themes. The evolutionary purpose is to protect us from entering dangerous situations in real life.

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... I stabbed my mom. :/

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