It would save a lot of time if we all just twirled into our clothes like on the Sims. Actually, there are many things in the Sims that would make life easier, amirite?

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Except for when it glitches and your baby gets stuck in the refrigerator


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motherlode, motherlode, motherlode

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Check the paper for job options and accept job.

Oh shit, I'm being robbed!
Deletes robber

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Even better than changing clothes... twirling and then having your baby just magically appear?

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I agree, but unfortunately with the time frame of the game, a negative side effect is that it takes them literally 30 minutes to walk downstairs and sit on the couch.

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Like how the thing that you're cooking magically turns into a bowl, pan, serving dish, etc.

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@TargetLady I like that you don't need a waffle iron to make waffles.

Virtually, all that you need is an oven and a counter-top. You're right, very convenient.

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If only...

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Pulling a mop out of your pocket when something spills would be great too.

Breaking and entering is far too difficult in the Sims.

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