It's funny when you're in a friend's car and an embarrassing song comes on their iPod and they act surprised that it's there. Nobody believes that some iPod bandit is putting Nickelback and Celine Dion on their playlist when they aren't looking. amirite?

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Hey! There's nothing wrong with Celine Dion!

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@Hey! There's nothing wrong with Celine Dion!

Everything is wrong with Celine Dion.

NothIng embarrassing about either of those artists.

@Treldman NothIng embarrassing about either of those artists.

I love Celine Dion...the other band..no. This post was actually inspired by Owl City, I like them so I didn't know what other bands people would be embarrassed to listen to. My friend was showing off his new car so we were driving around town with him. He was listening to some hardcore rap and then we went into a store and shut the car off. When we came back in the beginning of some Owl City song came on and he picked up his iPod really quick and was like "How the hell did that get on here." And changed the song before anyone even knew what was playing. Lucky for me I had their album and knew what was on.

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For some odd ass reason, whenever I have my iPod playing out loud 'Barbie Girl' always decides to show up.

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