If you go back 9 months before you were born it's your dads birthday, amirite?

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Thanksgiving! :D THANKSGIVING SEX! THANKSGIVING SEX. GIRL, I know it's thanksgiving la la la We should eat lots of turkey and sleep together and make a little baby! Let's name her Sahara! Oh yeah la la la.

Valentine's Day.

...which is coming up soon...


Try 12 months exactly.

Siblings birthday, awkward!

Swear to god it is. My dad's is Jan 6, and mine in Sept 6. EXACTLY nine months.

Nine months back is no significant date at all. But it had to be something because my birthday is the 12th of March and my older brother is the 1st of March...

@POOPMAN Hey we're birthday buddies. My birthday is also March 12th. How old are you? I'm 19.

Firstly; I lolled at your user name. And secondly: that is pretty awesome. I'm 20.

Nope. But it was pretty close to their honeymoon -.-

I thought it was accustomed to receive a "fun time in the mouth" on xmas / bdays.

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Yeah I have and it is an absolutely awful song. Sex is usually reserved for 2 a.m. in the morning when you get back from the pub steaming drunk.

9 months is around my mother's birthday.


I was born in January but should have been born in May, which is nine months after my dad's birthday. And my younger sister was actually born in May.

Probably 4th of July sex. My dad was on R&R. Nothing more patriotic than that!

Yes. Thanks for reminding me of that. Eew

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My dad and I actually have the same birthday.

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This comment was deleted by its author.

You sir, are an ass. Brokenheart.png

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@Runy You sir, are an ass. Brokenheart.png

I'm a ma'am, but thank you for your interest.

Nope, but 9 months hits right at New Year's Eve. Coincidence? Probably not

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Thanks for reminding me -___-

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I'm March 4, my dad is August 29th. I was supposed to be born the 9th... June 9th. Nothing significant.

September 5 to June 27: about 9 month. Ew.

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I was the product of either anniversary of Fourth of July sex...

Fourth of July. Same with my sister. My brother was possibly Father's Day....

The day my dad got back from sea :(

Halloween. Oh god. I wish I could forget knowing this now.

Nope... But it was my mom's birthday! D: I'm born on February 9 and 9 months before is my mom's birthday, on May 9

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I was born two days after my dad's birthday but my mom's birthday is in September and I was born in June....

November 14. Exactly 9 months after Valentines day. :)

Oh wow it was actually exactly 9 months! My cousin was born ON his dads birthday!

Try 4 months

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