It is irritating when you are sitting in your desk at school and the person in front of you decides to lean back and stretch, all over your desk, amirite?

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I just wanna know how in the world you got in your desk

The guy in front of me in english does this. It's more awkward because I usually lean over my desk to rest my head on my hand.

My friend does this to me all the time...it usually results in him getting slapped in the back of the head

The dude who sits in front of me in Science does it because if knows it pisses me off. Bloody idiot.

This guy in my history did that all the time! He would lean so far back, that I'd have to lean my head back and inconvenience the person behind me. One time, I didn't move my head at all to see what he would do. He hit my head, and I thought he'd finally stop doing that, but he just glared at me. Grrr. Luckily, since it is second semester we don't sit by each other any more.

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I guess I'm invisible or something, but this used to happen to me all the time, and there were two specific guys that did it. It's extremely annoying.

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It's worse when you catch a whiff of the stanky stank.

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